All That IAM

I needed to be dead in the flesh to become strong… When I say I am strong is because humanly speaking I am weak… I have weaknesses. One of these weakness is ‘Love’…I never knew love all my life, when any man approached me, showing me what I thought was love, I fell.

But Now that I am in Christ, I am Stronger than I cannot imagine. I don’t fall in love anymore, I stand in Love! When people compliment me saying ‘you are so beautiful’ I always reply ‘God bless you’! This is not because I know that I am beautiful but because I do not see what they see.

My second weakness is ‘Lower-self esteem’! I never loved myself, I hated myself, I blamed myself for the rape. I believed if I was not a girl, then that rape was never going to happen so in return I grew up as a tom boy, until I got born again around 2008. However 2011 is when I really tried to keep the being a girl going and I still fall back to my tomboyish ways every there and then….I say all these to say this:

1. When you are honest with yourself, you will be honest with others.

2. When you accept that there is a challenge in yourself, you will accept to agree or disagree with another person.

3. When you acknowledge your weaknesses, you are in the beginning of your journey.

4. But, when you master your ways, you have found the peace within yourself.


Whatever you are looking for, is on the inside of you, all you have to do is dig deep within because Deep calls onto Deep:)…I love you all and I wanted to share part of me so you get to understand why God uses me! God uses me because I am broken vessel who is kept intact through His mercy and strength. Selah

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