Sit-com:- Heaveneyes Family by Niina Kabesa

Episode One: The Impossible – Int: – Heaveneyes Home – early morning

[Cherie walks in the living room watching her mother kicking a fuss on the wig that she bought. She stands there with her cup of tea watching her for a while, trying to figure out what is it that she is doing.]

Cherie:  (burst out laughing as she said) ‘Mother dear, some wigs are just not for combing or brushing

Dion:  (combing the front as she speaks) ‘well, I need it to be a particular way’


Dion: (stops combing and looked at her daughter as she seats there trying to read the news paper) ‘I need it to be a little straight here in front‘ (She pointed where she was talking about)

Cherie: (she looked to see where her mum was showing and went back into reading her Morning paper) Ah, I see. Well since it’s a curly perm wig, I do not see how it will become straight by you brushing it.’ (Sigh)

Mother: ‘Aha, I think I will apply some relaxer on it when I come back from work.’ (Sounding very sure of her decision and walked out the door)

Cherie: (Shouted with a shock after her mum as she open the front door and leave for work) ‘Mummmmmmm!!!! It’s a wig eh’….. (At the slam of the door, she then smile and murmured to herself) It’s not even Poo-river wig….

Dion: (Open the front door smiling and said) I heard that! (And closed it again)

Cherie: (laughing at her mother’s act) Oh mother go to work already.

[She looks at her watch and realised that she has to be out in 10 minute, so she puts her cup in kitchen, picks up her back pack and car keys and she leaves the house.]

Fade out

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