When God Visit by Chris Oyakhilome – Book Review

This book is a 77 page book and the content seem to be so small, I started reading it, I could not finish it straight away. I am a writer and I love to read, I have recently discovered the Author as I started attending his church. One thing for sure is that Chris Oyakhilome writings carry a very heavy load with it – (God presence). Each words seem to transform into spirit as you read and each entry of these words rearranges your way of thinking. I decided not to keep his words to myself, so I will be doing a review of his books as I can. Be bless as you read and be transformed.

Chapter One – Strong Desire

A religious mind is the mind which wants God when things are not going well and when all is well, they forget about God.  A prime example used in this chapter is the children of Israel, when they became comfortable with the ways of the Egyptians.

They forgot about the promise made to Abraham and his seed:

The land of milk and honey’

Joseph (God Prophet) spoke to them by revelation what would happen in Genesis 50:24 but they in turn remained the same. It was not until a new Pharaoh came in power and made them slaves that the Children of Israel grew a strong desire for the Promised Land.

The desire which YOU have for God’s promise for your life, let it be infinite and know that God is at your door when you have a strong desire for a change.

So what should you do?

  1. Nourish your desire (Feed IT)David was known to be the man after God’s heart!

1Sam 13:14

You too could be like David by reading the word of God, listening to Gospel music, becoming one with God and putting God before anything in your life; this will make you be how David was.

  1. Don’t Seek a Sign! –  God does not always come with a shout nor does He come in blinding lights. An example given in the book is of ‘Elijah’ in 1 Kings 19:11-13.  When God met Elijah, there were great signs which did manifest but God was not in these signs. You will see when you read the verse that there was a Wind, an Earthquake and a Fire, but God came after the signs as ‘A still small voice’! The bottom line is not to look out for the signs but to recognize God presence. It is important to be ready to receive from God every time and at anytime because this is ‘the winning attitude’!
  2. Don’t Stop! – An example used in the book was Hannah; she could have thought to not go to the temple, she could have said ‘let me pray tomorrow’ but she did not! She went to the temple, prayed immediately with tears and the heart. She did not give up, but she wholly committed herself and followed through on her desire to pray! The children of Israel are again an example here because it was Joseph’s words that stayed in their heart but they only realised it when they became slaves to the Egyptians. Genesis 50:24-26

When God knocks at your door and that desire wells up in you, don’t try to suppress or smother it. Build the desire, nourish, stir it up and don’t stop NOW!

Let your desire bring you to the place where you’ll possess what you’ve desire.

                             God loves to visit His children and He wants to visit you!

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