It is T.I.M.E

Whether you believe in God or not, His children are taking over the world now. More businesses, talents, actors, web designers are NOW coming out from the Kingdom to the World. God is Now using all of them and their talents to bring soul into the Kingdom, the preaching time has pass, we are now evangelising through our talents, letting the world see His light in us and they in turn will want to know what is it about us. We being well-trained by the Holy Spirit will reconcile them to God. We are well-trained by the Holy Spirit and there are only few of us sent to the world. We are all called into different assignment and season. This is why God told us to work out your own salvation. I know the people I’m moving with this season of ‘God’s Glory’! When you have waited for so long in the night, Morning surely does come and our morning is here, let us go out in the world and shine His glory for we are Our father! Selah
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