Woman ‘it’s your time’ to Shine




Helper of Man….Genesis 2:18


Fall of man….Genesis 3:6 


God multiplied your sorrow….

You were curse to bring forth children in Pain… 

Mother of Nation you became after the fall in the Garden…

Built without sin…YOU were Pure!!!

But with the Lust of the eyes….YOU became polluted!!!

In a Pure state of being ‘SIN‘ entered….

Yet Yahweh was born into ‘SIN‘ for YOU!!!

Yahweh shed His blood (PURE BLOOD) for YOU!!!


Woman it’s your time to shine!!!

It’s your time to shine because:-

At the Well ‘HE’ quenched your thirst…

It’s your time to shine because:-

By you touching ‘HIS’ garment

You caused Virtue to flow out of HIM!!!

Causing ‘God’ to stop without ever speaking a WORD!!!

Woman you must shine because:-

You were the first to see ‘HIM’ Resurrected

The first ‘He’ Spoke too when ‘HE’ conquered Death and Rose!!!


In sinful state of being ‘GLORY‘ entered!!!

This is why I say unto you



©Niina Nia Kabesa November 2010



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1 thought on “Woman ‘it’s your time’ to Shine

  1. Wonderful writing Niina.

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