Love is a Gift

LOVE is: –

A profoundly tender,

Passionate affection for another person!

The Benevolent affection of God for His Creatures


the reverent affection due from them to God!

A GIFT is: –

Something given voluntarily without payment in return

As to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion


make a gesture of assistance!

This is the WORLDknowledge’ about LOVE!

This is the WORLDUnderstanding‘ about a GIFT!


I once LOVED!

‘Passionate feelings’


I did have and did feel for another Person!


That was not a GIFT!

It was not given voluntarily

Rather given because I was force too by society!

They told me IT

Every time I turned on my TV!

When I pick up a MAGAZINE!

I was told

That was the best way to LOVE!

Love is Costly young lady, you have to give to receive” So I was told!

So why is it that:

I walked in Ignorance of YAHWEH’s Law

Still He LOVES ME!

I smoked

lay down with Men before marriage!



So what did I give HIM?

For Him to give Me His LOVE?!

LOVE is a gift when….

You “CHOOSE” to receive from YAHWEH!

For we know in part and prophesy in part!

But when you receive from YAHWEH, that which is in part, will be done away!

For Now I see in a mirror…but THEN I shall know just as I also AM known…

(1corinth 13:9-10)

LOVE is a gift because…..

The Spirit of YAHWEH was hovering over the faces of the waters!

LOVE is a gift because….

When I look in the mirror

I see my reflection!

LOVE is a gift because….

When God was hovering over the face of the waters

He saw Himself and Him Alone!

LOVE is a gift because…..God is LOVE!

LOVE is a gift because…..You are LOVE!



© M.O.N Niina Nia Kabesa November 2010

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