Like A Drug!



I feel a rush in my head

I’m on a High and I Can’t explain this feeling


I got the giggles

Sounds like I’m on drugs! 

Like a Drug

That’s how it feels

When I’m in that World

The third Heaven

Everything is calm

White and full of light! 


Like a drug

This feeling I get

I can’t get enough

Wherever I go, I have to have it

I’m always high

And it makes me feel mellow!

It’s my drugs

That I do when I’m alone

When no one wants me around!

Writing is my drug

I AM addicted to this drug

And there is no Rehab for it

Therefore no cure for it too! 

I lose control when I don’t do it daily

Like a drug

Writing is my drug

Which I have been doing since I was 12 years old!

Like a drug

Writing is a drug

And I AM addicted to it…Selah

© M.O.N Niina Nia Kabesa January 2011

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