What Time Are You In? Do You Know Your Season?


I have been a born again Saint for over 2years to be exact and I am proud to have a heavenly father, Biological father and Spiritual father!

God has shown me the Secrets of Heavens and with God all things are possible.
The reason why I wanted to talk about Time and seasons is because this is something God kept telling me when I got born again!

I was shown that a year has 4 seasons but a year is the Time which manifested itself through seasons.

What does this mean?

Everyone is born in a Time; however everyone must catch their season! 

Well, when its summer time, will you wear a heavy winter coat?

Will you wear a bikini swim suit in winter snow?

The answer is NO!

Same is with the spiritual realm!

(Things YOU don’t see)


Now, I am only mimicking the little which was reveal to me, so I better not say much.
It is written in Eccl 3 v1-2(NKJV):

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck what is planted;”  May the Lord Bless His words!

So if God is aware of the seasons, guess who else is?

That’s right Satan; the father of all lies.


Understand that time will not tell you to discover your purpose,

Nor will it wait for you just

Because you do not know what your purpose is!

If I was to measure life in term of time, then the time which have been wasted in my life were abused, simply because wasted time is wasted life!

‘Time without purpose is life without meaning.’

You should not stand still waiting on that individual to do something!

My sisters if a brother is not ready, He is not the one for you! Don’t lie to yourself!

God will always give you something/someone who is ready for that season you’re in and remove those needed to be removing!

1. God made Heaven and Earth…then…
2.Made Spiritual being who was both male and female…
3.Then Created Eden (God presence)
4.Put man in the Garden (His Presence)

5. Gave man work.
6. Then told him cultivate
7.Protect it
8.Keep God command (Obedience)
9.Be responsible and not Irresponsible
10.Then put male to sleep and told man;
11.‘I am bringing you a Help mate’ (Not Sex Mate).

This does not mean women are weak!

“If you want to do some lifting up and you seek help, will you look for a weaker person to help you or someone who has similar strength or even stronger?”

Bottom line is that a woman was not, will not and should never be the first priority in a man’s life; Work is!  

‘Work is not your JOB, it’s your GIFT!’
So ladies, if your man tells you;

“When I found you all things started happening!”

I will worry because that man does not know who he is yet in Christ and will make many mistakes along the way and will cause nothing but frustration for you!

I am speaking from experience!

A man who knows himself, he will take the ‘Fe’ out of him, and put it in you!

 He will start to build you to become his ‘Fe-Male’ simply because the ‘fe-male’ is just a vessel with a foetus!
God is not going to come down from HEAVEN; the Male is God on EARTH.

Take it or leave it, but my heavenly father is a God of order. He won’t change just to suit you; and when being born again from outside the law of God, you need 3years with God to work, take care of your spiritual man, protect it and keep God command.

But above all, be RESPONSIBLE!

Why three years?

You can quote all scriptures in the ‘BIBLE’ but it will still be three years.

Because of the fall of man, we became sinners and God decided to be born into sin, walk the earth through CHRIST to save us!

 God like to take His time when doing something, else He would have made all 7days in just one day!

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all will be added onto you.’

(Not given to you but added!)

If you look at Jesus Ministry after He got baptised, you will see that He did it in 3years!

What God in Christ did was setting an example to those who will come after Him!

When born again, old things have passed away and even you yourself will not know what your calling is unless you walk the 3years with God in your body,soul and heart!

It is written in John 3:8 That we hear the winds and we don’t know where it’s coming from or going and that’s how a born again individual is!

You cannot do the old things you did if God Seed is in you! (1john 3:9) i.e.: for people like myself, sexual sin it’s a ‘NO MORE’ because what’s not pleasing God, it’s not God seed…PERIOD!

I’m not who I was because when I got born again,

God took me out of eternity,

locked me into time


place me to operate under seasons!

Therefore I do not have time to waste because I’m not here forever!

That’s why at the end God will not ask me my age;

He will say ‘well-done my faithful servant’ that’s what I’m working toward.

So please understand these questions I ask you!

1. Who are you?
2. Where are you from?
3. Why are you here on Earth?
4. What could you do while you’re here on Earth?
5. Where are you going?

Everything you’re doing at PRESENT, does it Glorify God or mankind?
Are you looking for approval from God or people around you?
Are you doing what you’re doing because people can see or are you doing them because God sees it Himself?
All that I do God see and I really don’t work to please people but God Himself!

Do not get me wrong, I choose to go church to look for Christ,

not to be well known by pastors!

That’s why anyone whom God has place before me to advice me in church I listen too and keep growing in the spirit!

Many do not know why they are born again, so they stick around because they are babies, insecure, pretending to be strong!

It’s time for the churches in general to mature.

Jesus is not a child abuser;

the churches are over 2000years old

and it’s still behaving like a child!

Christ is not going to marry an adolescent!

Grow up and take responsibility!

Let those who have ears hear!

This is why I am not a temple; God and Christ are my temple. Selah

God please bless your words, touch whomever you intended to touch through this ministry in Jesus name I pray Amen!

© M.O.N Niina Nia Kabesa September 2010

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