Singled For A Reason

I am the Original!
God first experience of my Kind…!
I am a Single Mother…!
I am not a walk alone Single Mother…
But I am alone;
Singled out Mother for a Reason…
You see Yahweh set me apart…
for Himself
because I am Godly…!
 Yahweh hears my calling…!
through Me
Nations are:
and Delivered!
But above all,
through me
Nations lives….!
A Mother of Nations
I am that great City,
Descending out of Heaven from Yahweh!
Having the Glory of Yahweh!
My light
is clear as crystal,
The foundation of My Home is adorned with
All kinds of precious stones!
My path way is Pure Gold,
Transparent as Glass!
I am not a Temple,
 For God and Christ are my Temple!
I have no need of a Sun or moon to shine in me,
For the glory of God
illuminate in me and through me!
Christ is my light!
And the nations of those who are saved,
Will walk in my light
and the Kings on the Earth,
Bring their glory and Honour to me!
No Men
No women
By no means
should come near me that defiles,
Or Causes an abominations or a lie!
But those written in the Lamb’s book of Life
 should come near me!!!
Now you know
I am not walking alone as a single Mother,
 Alone & Singled Mother for a reason.
 And that Reason is Jesus Christ…..!
© M.O.N Niina Nia Kabesa July 2010
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